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"Florida" is Window based software , with web capabilities and some cloud features , which means database and all your clients are stored on your server / PC .Meanwhile, automated emails can be sent silently, and you can access "Florida" remotely from wherever you are through the internet.
We Offer 24/7 free email support all over the world, on site training for some countries , open library of videos that covers all important points , as well as , PDF manuals.
- Very easy solution, complete , handles everything the user / Manager / Owner needs in a very simple way.
- Can be Shared on Multiple Computers (Free Computers license)
- Accept Connection from Remote Locations, iPhone, iPad, and Android apps (Free option with highly secured access).
- Can Use POS Hardware on Multiple Stations .
Florida has a default English interface language. However, Florida give the users in different countries to work with in their native language (even those from Right to Left like Arabic). Not Only, the users can also change the words on display as per spoken language to feel Florida closer to them. Besides, in some international locations, there might be Arabic & English users both can work at the same time with their native language on network based solution on FLORIDA.
It is quite often, especially for Spa & Salons located in Hotels to receive a guest that would like to pay in dollars while local currency is Euro , or to pay part in Dollars and the remaining in Euro and so on. These scenarios can be easily handled by Florida.
Florida, accept two taxes setup ,each could be percent of the amount or Tax2 could be based on amount + Tax1. Taxes names are user defined and automatically calculated, not only, they are automatically allocated to ledger accounts with ledger reports for auditors checking.
No, "FLORIDA" designed to be as easy as it could ever be.
It comes in three basic versions:
1-Standard with SQL database , which works fine for small-medium salon and Spa
2-Professional With SQL server database which works fine for small-large-franchise salons, SPA, Fitness centers, GYM , Beauty clinics and all similar service management centers.
3-Server type , like professional in structure , but with Multi stores and multiple Point of sales and some extra features for Huge Shops with multi floors and multiple cost of centers , as well as for headquarter that run many shops and collect automatic data from them on daily basis, and much more.


Yes. All Florida versions - as a default package – are multi users based, with complete security for menu access and concurrent operations of users.
For single user :
Florida System: Windows 7.1,8,8.1,10 32/64 , with HD of 20 GB , RAM of 2 GB or more , Pentium 3/5/7.
For 2-4 user :
For Both versions, minimum Intel® Core™ i5/7-third generation with 2.5 GHz or more.
For more users up to 99 users :
Server with SCSI Hard drive 1500RPM, with windows servers and other server features.
Display Resolution :
Best setting is 1280 x 768 or 1366 x 768(better) , which are recommended for all laptops & LCD with 15~40 inch and higher .


In all versions , The License is open for as many Computers you have on the same network running FLORIDA. Even for REMOTE ACCESS , it is 100 % FREE
The system counts the Professional worker / Trainer which are doing service as (licensed worker).
Meanwhile, if you have assistant , sales team, shop managers, etc which are not doing direct service to client , these are not counted.
Example : you have 4 professional that do service to client, while you have 2 assistant + 1 sales person + 1 cashier + 1 manger, in such case your license should be only for 4, others are ignored.
Simply send us Email, and we will give you a link to pay the difference.
There is no hidden fees at all.
In case you purchased FLORIDA (Buy once for life time), we only take 80 US$ annually to ensure email support & free upgrade all the year .
In case you go for Monthly Subscription , only what you pay monthly include everything , no more fees.
Your License entitle you to work with one PC, also allow you for multi user operation shared on that PC.
To move from One PC to another one you will need to send us Email and to follow our procedures to get new free License.
Through the FLORIDA program itself , Go to , menu -->Help --> renew license online , then you will directed to the secure gateway (2co..link) to place you payment, then we are automatically notified by 2CO and your license will be renewed for another month
if your license expires on the 3rd of this month, then one month renewal will be till the 3rd of next month regardless how many days in the month.
Yes you can.Just renew one month, then repeat the procedures for another month, every time you will be notified with your new expiry date.


Yes, in all versions
Yes we do , In professional & server versions only.
Yes we do , In professional & server versions only.


Actually, it is complete accounting system , that match users with ZERO knowledge and expert with MBA . Florida Accounting is based on American uniform system of accounting, it process automatically all Journal for you with automatic posting to Ledgers leading to automatic Balance Sheet and P&L statement. As well as it contains Manual Journal Voucher module for expert users who can write and edit the built in chart of account.
Send us Email to sales@floridaware.com or call the nearest distributor or agent in your city.


for standard & Professional versions, we have one store .
For "SERVER" version we have unlimited stores where you can "Transfer" goods from store to another and perform stock taking separately, as well as direct sales.
All inventory displays & reports are secured with special Permission to selected users that are granted to view the cost. When Non granted user access these displays quantities , sale price will be visible while cost value will be blank.
Every month end, system automatically calculate the cost of the goods and write down journal voucher to accounting journal which is automatically reflected to profit & loss statement .
Some services in some shops ,involve automatic consumption for certain quantities of items.
System do it in one step and automatically create voucher for inventory consumption .
Yes.When receiving / consuming items this can be handled by BARCODE.
As well as when selling you can use directly BARCODE along with the manual traditional way.
With proper privilege, YES . Meanwhile ,System automatically :
1- writes down journals for voided item.
2-Adopts stock levels.
3-Reports the VOID action at day end "Cash analysis report" .
4- Logs the action in the Log book for void tracking.


"FLORIDA" has menus profile and access levels / users . Every user can be setup to access some parts of the system that is related to her/his work.
System daily perform a routine backup before closing the day, that you may restore it back in case of any reason. Backup & Restore like every other parts in the system need special permission.
Also manual backup can be taken for allowed users.
We highly recommend to have backup on external media which will help you in case of any hardware failure.
When "FLORIDA" is mapped for multi users , all current users can be seen and monitored.
Besides the privilege given to selected users to VOID or CANCEL , the system LOGS all voids and cancellation before and after with date/time/user/value ..etc.
"Recall" as an action needs a special permission, however a special password will always be asked for to confirm this action.This password can be changed by Admin whenever needed to.
It is only possible for users who have an operation password .
Old names & new names are logged for security reasons & follow up, as the name changes all over the system